11:00 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship

Our morning worship consists of blended worship music

and poignant, practical preaching from the Holy Scriptures. 


11:30 a.m. BSBT Kids!

During our Morning Worship Service, kids participate in our

worship music along with the adults and then separate out

for targeted teaching for their age. We are delighted to

teach your children so you can focus on your own personal

growth with the Lord.


6:00 p.m. Sunday Evening Praise Night

Our evening service offers a time of thanksgiving and praise

and deeper preaching designed to take you to the next level

in your Christian walk.


6:20 p.m. Kings Kids!

Our Kings Kids program offers Bible-centered teaching and activities

for kids and youth. Be prepared....giggles may erupt. 




7:00 p.m. Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Prayer Night

Want to change your Christian lifestyle? Want the words of Jesus to

become more than just words on a page?

Then our Wednesday night Bible study is for you.  


Dear Friends,


On behalf of our BSBT Church Family, we would like to welcome you. It is our pleasure to have you and your family worship with us. It is our prayer that not only does the Lord perform a spectacular work in Blue Springs, but that He touches the lives of churches and individuals all over the world. 


When you visit, please stop by our Welcome Center and let us introduce ourselves and provide any resources and support you may need. 



BSBT Staff